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  ​​Bee Pro Patties

   Bee Pro contains the Best nutrients available for Laval Food!

                       *High Protein Pollen substitute

                       *B- complex vitamins (larval food)

                       *Balanced Nutrition

                       *Not weather dependent

                       *Early Brood production

                       *Increased Bee population


           Building Colonies in late winter and early Spring.

           It helps maintain or increase brood production

           prior to,and after honey Flow.

  Each Patty is approx. 1lb. 

  Price is $2.25 each 

  or 5 for $10.00

  We are exchanging a non-damaged cage, or Nuc for a pollen patty.  If you have any cages you would to exchange, please bring with on the bee pick up dates.

                 Now offering 4 frame Nucs

                                                   Limited supply!!!